Taking care so you can succeed
We aim to safeguard your welfare and prosperity providing safer and better environments for everyone to live and work.

Our weekly operations protect more than 20,000 employees, service users and members of the public. We specialise in outsourced business processes and facilities in sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat. In particular we have extensive experience in educational and corporate settings as well as event security management.

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Safety Officers
Our SIA trained safety specialists provide manned security services. They are also cross-trained in customer services, reception duties and facilities management where necessary. Our range of security services include:
- Static Security Guarding
- Mobile Security Patrols
- Alarm Response & Keyholding
- Specialist Security
- Customer Service Officers
- Front of House Officers
- Concierge Personnel
Security Dog Patrols
We offer an unrivalled Dog-Handling solution for organisations and establishments. We use the most experienced dog-handlers with only the most highly trained dogs who can function in a wide variety of environments. All the dogs we use are trained to work around children and are only alert when there is a real risk.
CCTV surveillance and monitoring
CCTV is considered the most effective method of reducing crime [British Chamber of Commerce’ Business Crime Survey].

We offer:
- 24/7 Surveillance and support
- An experienced team of CCTV Monitoring Personnel Bespoke services to meet each clients individual requirements
- Routine reporting on suspicious persons, vehicles or incidents
- Immediate reporting on potential threats
- Surveillance on both internal and external environments
Keyholding and alarm response
Key holding and alarm response service is effective, reliable and cost effective.

Our Keyholding Service keeps the keys to your premises safe and secure either as part of a Lock Up/Open Up routine on your behalf, or simply against the day you need spare keys quickly. Our Keyholding service often operates alongside our Alarm Response service where we attend any alarm activation at your premises; and in the event of an authorised entry we secure the premises until the arrival of the authorities.

Our mobile response officers will respond to alarm activations at your premises day and night, 365 days a year.

Supported by a 24 hour control centre and management team, our officers are experienced and trained to deal with any situation successfully. We liaise with the Police and other agencies, alarm receiving centres and repair contractors on a regular basis.

Our security officers and manned guards will act in accordance with your company procedures and provide a detailed incident report electronically for you to view.

Event security management
Our Event Staff are trained in Crowd Control, Evacuation Procedures, First Aid, Counter Terrorism Procedures, Pit Control, Parking Management and Traffic Control.

We supply bespoke crowd management packages to many clients removing the stress from the event organiser. We cover everything from planning and risk assessment through to stewards' deployment and contingency planning.

We offer a wide range of specialist and bespoke services to meet your needs. For more information, contact us on 01582 485222 or via our online form to discuss further.