Trick or treat?

30 October 2015
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Halloween is an event celebrated by the masses globally. However there are several safety concerns that can arise on the evening for children going around in their costumes aiming to have some harmless fun.

The following are some useful tips to help ensure safety for children planning to ‘trick-or-treat’ on the Halloween night:

  1. During the Autumn/Winter period of year the sunsets slightly earlier and we generally experience less daylight hours. So it would be recommendable that you accompany your child as they go out.
  2. Ensure that your child is visible by wearing a light costume and that they carry a torch so they can be seen.
  3. Keep your child knocking on doors in a familiar area that you know is safer.
  4. Do not allow your child to enter houses of strangers
  5. Do not allow your child to eat sweets that are not in their original factory packaging and dispose of them appropriately and immediately.
  6. If you are driving at night keep an eye out for children crossing roads and possibly driving with extra care and consideration in residential areas with the likelihood of having to stop and give way to children.
  7. Don’t allow your child to cross roads from between parked cars and encourage them to use zebra crossings and open spaces to cross when appropriate
  8. Encourage your child to avoid approaching homes with poor lighting and properties which look abandoned or suspicious
  9. If you plan to open your doors to ‘trick-or-treaters’ ensure that you as the homeowner or another adult are responsible for this and do not allow any children to do so.
  10. If you see anyone commit a crime or a fall victim to a crime be sure to report it immediately.


Safety is a priority but don’t compromise on having a good time by ensuring that you follow a tick-list of do’s and don’ts. Be smart, be wise, be natural and most importantly have fun!


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